No. Joining the Foundation does not limit your rights to dispose of your securities. We keep your data on file because the sale of your securities might not affect damages that have already occurred.

By using the following link you can find out if your investment is affected:


This requires the ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) of your concerned investment. However based on the number of derivatives and other financial instruments involved... more

The data is saved on a server in a data center in Nürnberg, Germany. This server is provided by Hetzner online GmbH with its head office in Gunzenhausen, Germany. The data is not processed outside the European Union. Administrator of the website is lowfidelity heavy industries OG located in 1080 Vienna. Only lawyers concerned with this respective matter as legal representatives of the... more

Currently the communication between participants and the Foundation happens exclusively by email or via the online-form. As of March 17, 2015 we are using a new version of our online-form that allows you to register and save your submitted data. If the data you entered in the course of registration have changed, we ask you to contact us by email.

If you want to register more than 10 transactions, please contact the Foundation and we will send you an excel list to complete your registration.

No. Participation in the Foundation in cases of investing after the 22.September 2015 is not possible, due to the fact that as of this date “dieselgate” was publicly known. Hence investors who invested after the 22.September 2015 cannot rely on incomplete or incorrect information given to the market.

Yes. The Foundation may by virtue of its articles of association and under Dutch law file a class action in the interest of affected investors and conclude a settlement to recover losses. However, this does not imply that affected investors are limited in their rights to dispose about their claim. The Foundation does not limit investors to file an individual claim or otherwise pursue the claim... more

No. If you want to make sure that your claims do not become time-barred, we recommend consulting with a lawyer of your trust discussing to file a suit or other actions that interrupt the prescription period. The Foundation operates a network of Local Legal Partners throughout Europe. Gladly we would refer you to these Partners.

Yes. The registration and participation is free of cost. The Foundation will attempt to recover its cost in the course of a settlement. In the unlikely event that an agreement about the costs cannot be reached, the Foundation will inform the participants. In such a case the Foundation deducts 18% of the settlement amount if participants want to settle their claim via the Foundation.

... more

According to Dutch law the Foundation is entitled to sue Volkswagen from which the Foundation refrained so far. If Volkswagen continually declines a settlement, the Foundation may pursue a class action lawsuit in the Netherlands.

No. The Foundation is pursuing an international approach. The Foundations main concern is to treat all investors equally regardless of their origin. Joining the Foundation as a citizen from outside the European Union is not precluding your right to participate nor a certain trading venue.

Yes. The Foundation represents the interest of investors who suffered damages who purchased or otherwise obtained securities during a period of time from 23. April 2008 to 22.September 2015.

No. The Foundation has been established for an indefinite period of time. The participation is possible at any time. We recommend, if you consider participating, to act immediately as comparable cases in the past showed, that ex-post time bars were introduced which were not foreseeable.

Based on Dutch law the Foundation represents the interests of Volkswagen investors who suffered damage. The Foundation is being supported by numerous shareholder protection organizations such as German DSW, Spanish AEMEC and the international umbrella organizations Better Finance and WFI. The Foundation is going to contact you directly in case of reaching a settlement with Volkswagen. Also we... more

To complete the form you do not need any documents. A document upload is currently not necessary but will be necessary in the course of a possible pay-out process. Please make sure you are keeping the concerned documents. However you are asked to fill out detailed information about your concerned investment. Therefore keeping the purchase-, sale- and holdings confirmation regarding your... more