Wilfried G. Hübscher

Member of the Board

C U R R I C U L U M  V I T A E


Wilfried G. Hübscher


Annastr. 57, D-14532 Stahnsdorf

Fon: +49-177-4167492; Fax: +49-331-2009483






Born July 1st,1950 in Bad Windsheim/FR Germany, school-time at that place. University education in jurisprudence and business administration, banking and economics at Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen-Nuremberg and Free University in Berlin.


1976                First state examination in jurisprudence in Erlangen

1979                Second state examination in jurisprudence in Nuremberg/Munich

1984                Diploma in business administration in Berlin


1980-87           Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt/Main (head quarter), Berlin and Dusseldorf

                        (main branches)

1987-89           Federation of the German Stock Exchanges in Frankfurt/Main

1989-90           Berlin Stock Exchange, CEO

1990-92           Treuhandanstalt Berlin


1987-93           Attorney-at-law in Frankfurt/Main and Berlin

1989                Chair of the subcommittee “Mergers and Acquisitions Directives” of the

Federation of European Stock Exchanges in Brussels

1989-90           Secretary of the “Börsensachverständigenkommission” at the Federal Ministry

                        of Finance in Berlin

1992                Advisor to the EC Commission regarding TACIS programme

1996-97           Teaching assignment at the University of Potsdam (banking chair)


Since 1993      Member of the legal and tax committee of the Chamber of Industry and

                        Commerce in Potsdam

Since 1996      Admission to the bar at the Brandenburg High Court of Appeal

1998-2013       Arbiter at the International Court of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce

                        in Vienna

Since 2011      Member of the World Federation of Investors (WFI)

Since 2013      WFI Vice-President


Various publications and honorary offices




Stahnsdorf, in October 2015